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Apr 21,  · Cayenne pepper contains properties that are excellent for the remedying of facial paralysis. This herb will lead to blood circulation to the nerve endings of the head and facial areas. A boost to the nerve functionality will relieve the effects of the facial paralysis. Simply eat more of this spice in your meals to gain its health benefits. May 29,  · In many cases of facial nerve weakness, providers may prescribe an oral steroid that will help to reduce inflammation (irritation) of the facial nerve. Multiple research studies have shown that high doses of medication, started within 72 hours of the paresis (weakness) or paralysis, will improve chances for recovery.

Jul 16,  · Facial paralysis happens when something interrupts the nerve signals between the brain and the muscles in the face. Facial paralysis is a symptom of Author: Amanda Barrell. Apr 21,  · Blueberries – This is an excellent home remedy for treating facial paralysis easily. The immune boosting qualities of the blueberries along with their great antioxidant properties go a long way in naturally healing paralysis.

Sep 17,  · For facial paralysis caused from stroke, the treatment is the same as for most strokes. If the stroke was very recent, you may be a candidate for a special stroke therapy Author: Danielle Moores. Oct 16,  · Cayenne pepper is very good home remedy for facial paralysis. It increases peripheral blood circulation, especially in the nerves of the face and head. This causes the affected nerve to improve its normal functioning. Capsicum pills sold in health food stores or herbalists may be helpful.

Treatment for Facial Paralysis Paralysis of the face may be temporary or permanent. The facial plastic surgery team determines the best treatment based on how long the paralysis has been present, the cause and whether it is a complete paralysis, or an incomplete (or partial) paralysis.