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"Some women are very sexual, highly orgasmic, and their sex is better than ever during pregnancy," says obstetrician Lauren F. Streicher, M.D., author of Love Sex Again. But 54 percent of you were. Nov 12,  · I know the pregnancy sex question has been answered. And my husband is definitely not egotistical. But facts are fact. He is very well endowed. At a full erection he is inches. I've seen videos and read articles about him needing to be hung like a rhino in order to do damage, but alternatively that.

If this is the case, certain sex positions can boost your chances of getting pregnant. "Most people will find they [prefer] rear entry or the woman on top so she's able to take control of the. There is a small risk of pregnancy, but it’s not as high as ejaculation in the vagina. Before ejaculation, all penises can leak fluid called pre-ejaculate. Pre-ejaculate does not contain sperm but it may pick up sperm from a previous ejaculation as it passes through the urethra. This could cause pregnancy.

A: No, a short penis isn’t going to negatively impact the ability for a pregnancy to occur. For a man it depends on what’s going on as far as the sperm quality is concerned. Sperm quality is going to trump the size of the anatomical pieces. hope u guys enjoyed the vine/meme:).