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Summary Community integration programs involve a team approach that can include the client, family members and caregivers, community members, health care and educational professionals, community organization staff, and governmental agency staff, among others. Community Integration for adults (adult case management) is a service provided to individuals with a qualifying behavioral health diagnosis. The service is intended to work with individuals who have needs related to their diagnosis.

Dec 18,  · The Association for Community Integration Programs (A4CIP) is a nonprofit (c) (3) organization that educates individuals, families, and mental health professionals about the benefits of this evidence-based treatment model as an effective alternative or supplement to treatment in settings outside of the community. A program for adults to take part in a variety of volunteer and recreational activities throughout the St. Louis area.

Community Integration Community integration is designed to help persons to optimize their personal, social, and vocational competency to live successfully in the community. Persons served are active partners in determining the activities they desire to participate in.