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This Clinical Management of Adult and Adolescent HIV Disease Treatment Guidelines is an update of the 20version previously produced by the National HIV/STI programme. The programme acknowledges with thanks the following persons who contributed towards the development of this update: The previous volume was prepared by. management of HIV infected adults and adolescents. The new ART regimens are described as well as laboratory and clinical monitoring at diagnosis, at initiation of antiretroviral treatment and whilst on treatment. It prioritizes integration of HIV with File Size: KB.

Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Opportunistic Infections in Adults and Adolescents with HIV A-1 Introduction (Last updated May 29, ; last reviewed June 26, ) Opportunistic infections (OIs) were the first clinical manifestations that alerted clinicians to the occurrence of. The HIV Nurse Protocol Committee supports the use of the AIDS Education and Training Centers (AETC) manual, “The Clinical Manual for Management of the HIV-Infected Adult,” edition, as a reference guide for midlevel provider practice available online at.

The manual is written for clinicians working at the district hospital (first-level referral care) who diagnose and manage sick adolescents and adults in resource constrained settings. HIV Management in Australasia is a ‘living resource’ for health practitioners managing people with HIV infection in Australia and neighbouring countries. It provides information on the basic principles of preventing, diagnosing and managing HIV-associated disease.

Given the challenges of retaining youth in care and achieving long-term viral suppression, 8 more intensive case management approaches may be considered for adolescents with HIV. 9,10 Adolescents may seek care in several settings, including pediatric-focused HIV clinics, adolescent/young adult clinics, and adult-focused clinics. 11 When. HIV Clinical Managementtraining package consists of: • Train-the-Trainer Manual • Presentation slides for each module • Participant handouts (e.g., guidelines, case studies).