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can adults get rsv virus - Lesbian Virus Epidemic

Dec 18,  · They can then transmit the virus to other members of the family. RSV can survive for many hours on hard surfaces such as tables and crib rails. It typically lives on soft surfaces such as tissues and hands for shorter amounts of time. People of any age can get another RSV infection. Dec 18,  · RSV can also make chronic health problems worse. For example, people with asthma may experience asthma attacks as a result of RSV infection, and people with congestive heart failure may experience more severe symptoms triggered by RSV. The following groups of people are more likely to get serious complications if they get .

Dec 18,  · RSV infections can be dangerous for certain adults. Each year, it is estimated that more than , older adults are hospitalized and 14, of them die in the United States due to RSV infection. Adults at highest risk for severe RSV infection include. Older adults, especially those 65 years and older; Adults .