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Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO, C32) All Cub Scout Leaders with a desire to plan & carry out an entry level outdoor experience for the pack. This is the first step in the BSA outdoor training program & it does not replace any existing training. Each Cub Scout Pack overnight event must be under the direction of a BALOO-trained leader. Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation is the required outdoor training for all Cub Packs that would like to do Overnight Camping as part of their pack activities. At least one leader of the activity must be BALOO Trained in order for it to be an authorized Scouting activity. All leaders eager to have a great pack outdoors program. Learning Objectives.

In order for your den or your entire Cub Scout Pack to have an outdoor activity or go camping, you must have someone complete the Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, also known as “BALOO”, training course. BALOO Training is made up of two parts: an online course available on strippe.xyz, and an in-person, hands-on course. You must complete both parts to qualify as a . Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) Don’t miss the opportunity to take this fully energized NEW AND IMPROVED TWO-DAY TRAINING session in Cub Scout Camping Training, BALOO. Designed specifically so Cub Scout Packs can go camping on their own, it covers planning and conducting a successful Pack overnighter including ideas for outdoor activities & games, ceremonies, .

Mar 28,  · BALOO stands for Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation. It’s the introductory training Cub Scout leaders should complete before taking Cub Scouts on an overnight camping trip. Recent updates to this two-part course make the content more impactful, useful and convenient. Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) This one day course is designed as an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program for those leaders who are interested in adding a camping component to their Pack activities. BALOO is an instructor-led course which is conducted at the Council level.