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adult professional development - friends give me assistance in the development of the channel

Nov 12,  · To encourage a culture that values knowledge and growth, develop professional development formats that support adult learning theory. Creating learning communities, peer coaching, collaborative action research and live lesson observations all support the principles of adult . Professional Development and Adult Learning Theory.

May 07,  · The California Adult Literacy Professional Development Project (CALPRO) fosters program improvement through a comprehensive statewide approach to high-quality professional development for the full range of adult . Jul 18,  · / Professional Development / Characteristics of Adult Learners. While the basic principles of teaching and learning apply to both teaching youth and teaching adults, there are key differences when working with each group. To facilitate the learning process for adults, it is important to understand the characteristics of adult .

Sep 18,  · Their expansive job descriptions include delivering professional development, and yet they feel unsure of how to do this. I respond by validating these feelings: Facilitating adult learning is .