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Begin a career in the Plumbing Industry. Plumbing I will introduce you to basic skills necessary to get started in this area of construction. Learn how to handle the tools of the trade and practice the best safety procedures. Gain technical skills in pipefitting while learning to repair and replace materials and fixtures in residential structures. Aug 29,  · The Adult and Continuing Education division offers training in construction-related trades and emergency medical technology, as well as .

As more and more people become homeowners, the demand for skilled workers with plumbing knowledge is getting bigger and bigger every year. These courses will guide you through essential information on plumbing pipes and fixtures, plumbing tools and drawings, as well as an understanding of drainage and water distribution systems. Jan 30,  · Bath Videos cover plumbing-related topics such as plumbing basics, fixing a leaky shower, repairing a toilet and replacing a bathtub spout. Plumbing Projects provides lessons in tub and shower.

Plumbing I is the first course in the four year Plumbing apprenticeship program and introduces those new to the trade to plumbing installation and repair in .