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Jun 11,  · Ear tube surgery also referred to as myringotomy, is a surgical procedure during which tiny tubes, known as tympanostomy tubes or grommets, are placed inside the eardrum. An ear tube surgery is recommended in any case of recurrent ear infections. Depends: A myringotomy or tympanostomy in an adult is usually done under local anesthesia. However if the surgeon elects not to inject a local anesthetic, it.

Mar 25,  · For adult patients, the myringotomy procedure can be done in the outpatient setting with the use of phenol and topical lidocaine; young adolescents, children, and infants require brief general anesthesia. The patient’s head is tilted slightly toward the ear opposite the one undergoing myringotomy. Jun 12,  · A myringotomy is a procedure in which your doctor creates a small hole in the eardrum so fluids such as water, blood, or pus can drain out. In many cases, your doctor will put in a tube so it won't.

Myringotomy and/or Ear Tubes in Adults When medical therapy is ineffective, tympanostomy tubes (ear tubes) may be recommended for the treatment of chronic ear fluid, recurrent ear infections, and hearing loss. “Ear tubes” may also be recommended for problems with pressure and “popping” of the ears. Myringotomy is a procedure performed in an awake adult patient or anesthetized pediatric patient that requires thorough knowledge of anatomy of the external and middle ear. Precautions should be taken to avoid canal abrasion or .

Myringotomies for adults are performed as an outpatient procedure. Most times the adult will be awake, and a localized anesthetic is used. Mild sedation is also an option. After making the incision in the eardrum, the ENT may opt to insert ear tubes to keep the area open. Sep 30,  · A myringotomy is a procedure where your doctor makes a tiny cut in your eardrum. This drains fluid from behind your eardrum. This will relieve pressure from your ear and restore any hearing you may have lost due to the fluid.