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Oct 08,  · Independent study is an alternative to classroom instruction consistent with a school district’s course of study and is not an alternative curriculum. Independent study is voluntary, many school districts offer this type of education, but some do not. What is Adult Independent Study? Independent Study is an educational program that provides the opportunity for adult students 19 and older, to complete Kern High School District's diploma requirements. Most courses (including elective credits) may be taken via Independent Study.

Independent study is offered through most colleges and universities, as well as various organizations, such as museums and government agencies. Schools typically offer independent study as credit-bearing courses, many of which are transferable to other colleges. Some schools feature lists of independent study courses that already have curricula Course Format: Curriculum for the class is dictated by the enrolled student and supervising professor. About Independent Study Courses. Many colleges, universities and community colleges offer independent study courses for students who wish to study a subject or area not covered in existing courses.