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Adult Fears are about the things mature, well-adjusted adults generally are concerned about, as opposed to supernatural, petty, or far-fetched fears: the safety of their children, the safety of their neighborhood, the fidelity of their spouse, the loyalty of their friends and coworkers, the health of themselves and their family, being able to pay their bills, etc. Aug 20,  · Adult Fear Factor 20 Aug As I pull off my grippy full seat breeches after a hack in the field in my deeper-seat, large-block, grippy-leather saddle and celebrate the fact my horse didn’t do anything silly today that could potentially hurt me, it occurs to me that adult fear factor has gotten a bit of a hold on me.

Aug 30,  · NBC's "Fear Factor" challenged contestants to complete physical, mental and extreme action stunts. Unlike the program, an adult "Fear Factor" party can include challenges that everyday people can attempt.