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Jan 28,  · after the wizarding war, Draco was exiled into the muggle world where he has to learn muggle things. his parole officer, Harry, had to make sure he doesn't get himself into trouble. after sometime in muggle London Draco thinks that he won't be welcomed into the wizarding world. so with the help of his boyfriend, Draco changes his name and. Find the hottest paradox stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about paradox on Wattpad. This is a sequel to my mk9 fanfic. This adds Specter, the son of Completed. fanfiction; fighting; parody +21 more # 4. Clive Andrews is a typical year-old boy who has never had anything out of the ordinary happen until May 17th.

Check out her gallery on y!Gallery. The link is at my profile. Working out the Paradox. by chayron (lttomb yahoo com) Part 1. Wolfram was softly snoring. Yes, despite that his fiancé would harshly protest – Wolfram did snore. He was doing so softly, but he did snore. He usually also kicked in his sleep as morning approached. Work Search: tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words It's International Fanworks Day and we are celebrating by hosting chat games on our IFD Discord server. Check out the schedule to find out what is happening and get your invite to join in!

we made it back to the hide out we were using orochimaru's old hideout as a safe houes something not even madara would expect the place was dark and dreary and brought bacl memories for sasuke sakura and naruto, bad ones ones they burried in there head but sense the situation called for it there was no choice in the matter. “Ron, no!” said Potter, but it was too late. One of the brains had burst out of its tank and was flying through the air towards Weasley. It was like everyone had stopped to watch, and it began to disentangle its innards, unfurling long curlers that looked absolutely ghastly. “Harry, come touch it--” Weasley said, and he reached an arm out.

At the beginning of the series, he is portrayed as a toddler with an adult voice. Later, he sometimes appears as a teenaged boy. Youko Kurama/Suuichi Minamino: A kitsune and human avatar. Youko was a year-old kitsune thief who was killed in a trap in Makai. He sent his spirit out into Ningenkai and joined with a newborn child, Suuichi Minamino. 4. Working on Fantasy Paradox's messed up plot. This, along with my new book "Back when we were kids" will be my 2 crowned jewels that are two sides of the same coin: •Fantasy Paradox is my extensive imagination. Been drafting the random plots and arcs from my super awesome, random dreams since when i was gonna be an elementary graduate.