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BEHAVIORAL MODIFICATIONS For Adult Bedwetting. Monitoring Fluid Intake. Limiting intake of fluids in the late afternoon and evening before bedtime causes a decreased amount of urine produced at night. Bedwetting Alarm System. Multiple variations of the alarm exist, ranging from vibrating to sounding alarms and wet-detection devices that can be. Bedwetting alarms can be used by children, teens and adults for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis (nighttime bedwetting). The bedwetting alarm system comprises of two parts, a urine or moisture detection sensor and an alarm unit.

Bedwetting alarms are a good solution on how to stop bed wetting in adult men. Alarms can train the brain to understand the need to urinate and wake up the adult man at night. Wakes the adult bedwetter man as soon as urination starts Over time, the adult may wake up sooner and sooner till they beat the alarm/5. Bedwetting alarms typically consist of two main components: a moisture sensor and the alarm itself. In most cases, the sensor is clipped or taped to the underwear and must be strategically placed where the first drop of urine is anticipated.

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