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adult dachshunds for sale - Virgin for Sale (1978)

19 rows · Sep 05,  · Available Dachshund Adults for Sale-Adoption. IMPORTANT . Keep in mind it takes adult dogs longer to adjust to their new home and family than it does a puppy. Make sure you are committed to putting in the extra time if needed. These adults are wonderful dachshunds and will make great family pets. We like to retire our girls between yrs old.

Barney is Available 8 year old, neutered male, Cream (chocolate based), short hair, 12 lbs." Barney "$ pet Please be sure to READ the entire section at the top of this web page that says "Please make sure to read this section" if you are wanting to look into adopting an adult or teenager Dachshunds from us! Barney is very laid back and really doesn't do much. ADULT DACHSHUNDS FOR SALE, DACHSHUND ADULT,S PHOTOS, DACHSHUND PHOTOS, DACHSHUND DAM & SIRE PHOTOS/PICTURES, MINIATURE DACHSHUND BREEDERS,google search engines,search engines google,yahoo search engine of dachshunds, dachshund .

Quality Longhair & Smooth Dachshunds Adults For Sale That doesn't mean that I don't shed some tears when each one leaves but hearing back about our adult dogs completing a family is a feeling like no other! PLEASE EMAIL FOR INFORMATION ON AVAILABLE ADULTS LOOKING FOR THEIR FOREVER HOMES. New Teenage Puppies For Sale. Dachshund Breed History. 05/03/ I have Miniature Dachshund Adult Dogs available for Companions. Some have already been spayed or neutered. It takes a very Special family to adopt an older dog and to give them the love and attention they deserve. They are not like young puppies, sometimes it takes weeks.

Older dogs, Adult dachshunds, retired breeder dogs. Spayed Neuter adult dachshunds. Kerr Lake Dachshunds. Website Designed at Homestead™ Make a Website and List Your Business. ADULT/RETIRED AND OLDER PUPS Adult male dogs are recognized by the AKC to breed until 12 years of age. While males may have the capacity to mate far into their. Adults Available When you have been breeding Dachshunds as long as we have, you face the reality of needing to put adults up for adoption. This is probably the most difficult part of being a breeder. We do not rehome them because we are tired of them or don't want them anymore.