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Dr. Brahmbhatt agrees, explaining that proper hygiene for uncircumcised men and people with penises involves pulling back the foreskin and cleaning everything out. Mild soap and water should be. An adult male's uncircumcised × ; KB An Erect Human 1, × 1,; MB An erect penis of a 19 year old Indian 2, × 1,; KB.

Wash the penis. Lather up your choice of mild, unscented soap between your hands, and apply it to the testicles and shaft of the penis. The key thing to remember with an uncircumcised penis is to wash under the foreskin. Without regular cleaning of the penis, bacteria can build up on the foreskin and cause infections. Infections can also occur if there is a small cut or sore on the foreskin, as a break in the skin.

Uncircumcised Penis Care The best advice for parents is to encourage your son to keep the outside of the penis clean. When it comes to cleansing the foreskin, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that an occasional retraction with cleansing beneath will do for boys who haven't reached puberty. 2  There's no need to do any special cleansing. Over-cleaning can also cause havoc. Avoid the use of soap under your foreskin, as it can cause irritation to the sensitive skin there. Your penis will react by increasing the amount of natural oil it needs to keep the skin soft. Rinse with plain warm water daily, pulling the hood back.

Adult males must take special care of their foreskin, referred to as a sheath. The foreskin is the skin that covers the tip of the penis. A man whose penis is covered with a foreskin is supposed to wash his penis with warm water frequently. Have a good shower.