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As a result, adults with cerebral palsy are poorly understood, which makes it challenging to prevent health complications and facilitate right treatment (Peterson, Ryan, Hurvitz & Mahmoudi, ). This has implications in daily life as well, where public spaces and gyms often are poorly facilitated, creating a barrier to participation. Apr 26,  · Thanks to technology, social services and other support, people who have cerebral palsy (CP) have better chances than ever to lead independent, fulfilling lives. From a Velcro grip for holding a.

Aug 13,  · Cerebral Palsy and Adulthood Explained Cerebral palsy is a permanent disorder that affects normal movement in various areas of the body. CP can be caused by a number of things, including a birth injury, which affects healthy development of the brain. Cerebral palsy is a “non-progressive” disorder. Adults have higher than normal rates of other medical conditions secondary to their cerebral palsy, such as hypertension, incontinence, bladder dysfunction, and swallowing difficulties. Scoliosis is likely to progress after puberty, when bones have matured into their final shape and size.

Aug 14,  · The most common type of cerebral palsy is spastic cerebral palsy, which refers to the hallmark symptom of spasticity in the muscles. Spasticity refers to increased muscle tone that can cause the muscles to have a permanent stiffness and will lead to contractures of the arms and legs as a person grows through adulthood. The life expectancy for adults with cerebral palsy can range from about 30 years for those with rigidity or severe spasticity associated and feeding difficulties, to 60 to 70 years for those with moderate cerebral palsy.

Sep 24,  · Symptoms of CP in adults The symptoms adults with CP experience often depend on the type of CP they have, as well as the level. Some forms of CP, such as spastic cerebral palsy, cause stiff. ADULTS Adults with cerebral palsy often face a number of choices as they grow into adulthood, and their ability to adapt and adjust to change is something that is cultivated by a series of interventions when they are young. If a child is properly prepared, he or she can lead a life that is rewarding, joyful, and productive.