A good catcher - adult catcher glove


adult catcher glove - A good catcher

Your catcher's glove is a fingerless mitt with plush padding to reduce the sting of a pitcher's throw. A stiff construction and thick leather minimize hand pain, catch after catch. A claw-like shape helps players easily close the mitt. Iván Rodríguez.

A catcher's glove is typically 31 to 33 inches. The reason for this is simple: the catcher's mitt is a target for pitchers, who try to throw the ball wherever the catcher sets up the mitt. Catcher's gloves are also heavily padded, especially on the thumb and palm area, since catchers experience the most "sting" from fast balls. At inches, this catcher's mitt will work better for older youth players and adults. Leather construction should give you a long-lasting catcher's glove. Looks like a traditional catcher's glove with heavy padding all the way around the exterior of the glove.